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Calcium rich foods

Calcium rich foods

Calcium rich foods: Calcium is generally well known for bones which plays a vital role in the biochemistry of organisms and the cells, they play very important role in signal transduction path ways.

Calcium is released from bone into the bloodstream under controlled conditions and is transported through the bloodstream in the form of dissolved ions or bound to proteins called as serum albumin.

Calcium helps in building bones and keeping them strong and healthy, it enables our blood to clot our muscles to contract and also our heart to beat healthy, 99% of the calcium in our body is present in bones and teeth. There exists also the lose of calcium in the form of nails, hair, sweat, urine, and feces.

Human body does not have capacity to produce calcium from the food we eat when we do not get the calcium for our body needed body utilizes the calcium of bones if this goes on happening frequently then bones get week and will easily break.

The us institute of medicine established RDAs for calcium in the year 1997 and updated those values in 2011 and got to use the term population reference intake instead of RDAs and set the numbers to be like 4-10 years it is recommended to take 800 mg, 11-17 years is recommended to take 1150 mg, 18-24 years 1000mg and if greater than 25 then 950 mg calcium should be taken.

Women above the age of 50 and younger should take 1000mg per day

Age of 51 and older should take 1200mg per day

Men above the age of 70 and younger should take 1000mg per day

Age of 71 and older should take 1200mg per day

Sources of calcium:

Calcium rich food sources this term can be explained like food is the only way to add calcium to your body dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are highly rich in calcium certain vegetables and foods that we take in our daily diet will have very small amounts of calcium.

Some other juices, breakfast foods and milk containing soya snacks containing cereals, bread and bottled water contains added amount of calcium content in them. When you start drinking some juices or milk that are containing calcium in it then shake well because the calcium content gets settled down at the bottom.

The suggested simple way of adding calcium to many foods is to add a tablespoon of nonfat powdered milk which will be having about 50mg of calcium it can help you in adding few tablespoons to almost all the recipes.

By reading the food labels while consuming the food or while buying just go for checking nutrition facts panel for daily food value, usually food labels mention the amount of calcium in percentages it means 15% dv equals to 150 grams of calcium.

Calcium supplements:

The amount of calcium needed from supplement depends on how much food you take and what amount of calcium is present in the substance according to that you should plan your supplement and don’t completely depend on the supplement but also take care of your food try consuming calcium content more only through your diet.

Supplements are not recommended in case only if the body requires calcium and is in very less quantity then we go for supplement, there will be no use if you take more supplement than needed if taken in larger quantities leads to some risk factors.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin d plays a very crucial and important role in protecting your bones both by helping your body to absorb calcium by giving support to your muscles only to avoid falls.

Children needed vitamin d more to build strong bones and adults needed more to keep their bones strong and muscles to be supported and also to avoid falls, if vitamin d is not provided in the necessary content you will be more likely to break your bones as you start becoming older.

Both women and men need 400-800 international units daily who are under the age of 50, >50 and older ones needed 800-1000 international units per day.

Calcium rich foods:

Below are given some list of foods that will provide your body with Calcium rich foods  that is required for your body.


Seeds can be considered as tiny nutritional powerhouses to your body, some seeds contain high amount of calcium contents like poppy, sesame, chia and celery seeds.

Seeds are having the capacity of delivering healthy fats and protein to your body, seeds are bi products from plants so they are the natural sources for gaining protein and Calcium rich foods  content for your body.

Sesame seeds are having 9% of the Calcium rich foods  content when consumed one table spoon and also having rich amounts of minerals including copper, iron and manganese.

Many seeds are good sources for Calcium rich foods and are having rich amounts of vitamins, proteins and other minerals content present in them this will help your body with completely filled rich foods.


Cheeses are generally excellent sources of Calcium rich foods  and specially parmesan cheese contains of mostly 33% of the RDI when taken in ounce it is to be one ounce and in grams it can be taken as 28 grams to consume 33% of calcium.

Generally, it is considered that soft cheeses are having very less amount of Calcium rich foods  and brie which is considered as a soft cheese consists of only 5% of the RDI many other cheeses fall in the middle providing about 20% of the RDI.

As an added bonus usually, cheese can be easily absorbed by your body when consumed it takes time to get body absorb the calcium content when taken in the form of natural resources.

There are many types of cheeses available and are completely packed with protein content, cottage cheese is one such type where you can get more protein content. dairy products are really added with many additional health benefits.

Eating cheese daily can lower the risk of heart diseases in addition it can also lower the risk of metabolic syndrome which raises the risk of getting heart diseases, heart stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Keep in mind that full-fat cheese is also very high in fat and calories consume according to your diet planned and also contains lots of sodium which feels sensitive on some bodies.


One of the rich sources of Calcium rich foods  is yogurt, there are different types of yogurt available which are highly rich in live probiotic bacteria having lots of health benefits.

When plain yogurt of one cup which can be equal to 250 grams is consumed give you 30% of RDI for calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins like B2 and B12, basically yogurt is filled with fat and if it is terms of low-fat yogurt then we get higher amount of calcium with 45% of RDI when consumed 250 grams.

Greek yogurt is one of the added forms of yogurt which is having high protein diet and delivers less calcium when compared with others.

Consuming yogurt can lower the risks of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Canned salmon and sardines:

Sardines and canned salmon are loaded with calcium and helps to build stronger and healthy edible bones, a 92grams of sardines is packed with 35% of the RDI and 85 grams of canned salmon contains 21% of RDI.

Oily fish also provides high quality of protein and fatty acids which are good for your healthy heart, brain and skin.

While sea food contains high useful mercury content and high levels of selenium which are considered to be the minerals that can reverse and prevent mercury toxicity.

Beans and lentils:

Lentils and beans are very high in fiber, protein and micronutrients, they provide lots of iron, zinc, folate, magnesium and potassium to the body when consumed.

Some variety types in beans also consists of some different amounts of calcium in it, however winged beans are the top ones and 175 grams of cooked wing beans can give you 244 mg of the RDI for calcium.

White beans are also considered to be the good source of protein and calcium content in it 180 grams of cooked beans can give 13% of RDI and other types of beans are having some less amounts of calcium content ranging from 4-6% of the RDI.

Beans are credited as one of the reasons why everyone should take the plant-rich diets for maintaining healthy body and skin, intake of beans can help lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and reduce risk of type2 diabetes.


Nuts are really having good content of strength essential for your body in which almonds are considered to be the top ones and they deliver high amount of calcium and other proteins for your body.

22 nuts can deliver 8% of the RDI and also can give you 3grams of fiber per ounce and almonds are having healthy fats and protein also added with some excellent sources of magnesium, manganese and vitamin E. by eating almonds it helps to lower your blood pressure, body fat and other risk factors which helps in reducing metabolic diseases.

Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is highly found in milk and is having various health benefits, milk is having excellent sources of protein with highly digested amino acids several studies were done on milk and told that milk is rich content for diets to loss the weights and also helps in improving the blood sugar control.

Whey protein is also exceptionally rich in calcium and one-ounce scoop of whey protein powder isolate contains 200mg of the RDI.

Some green leaves:

Green leaves do not mean to have all the green ones but to choose the best green ones which can give you high amounts of calcium, protein and fiber.

Dark green leafy ones are incredibly healthy and some of them are having high amounts of calcium, greens that will be having good amounts of minerals can include collard greens, spinach and kale.

If we take one cup of cooked collard greens of 190 grams will benefit you with 266mg of calcium added which will keep you activated for half a day.

Some of the green ones are even high in oxalates which are generally natural occurring compounds that can get bind with some calcium making some of it available to your body.

Spinach one of the most frequently seen and available green leaf which is having lots of calcium and is less available than the calcium in low-oxalate greens which are considered to be collard greens and kale.


Rhubarb contains lots of fiber with vitamins K loaded and higher amounts of calcium with some smaller amounts of other vitamins and minerals added to it.

Rhubarb contains prebiotic fiber in it which can promote healthy bacteria to your gut, like spinach rhubarb is having high amounts of oxalates and so much of calcium is not absorbed.

Studies found that human body can only absorb about quarter of the calcium present in rhubarb, on the other hand the amount of calcium present in rhubarb is high so even if your body absorbs only 25% of the calcium from rhubarb that will be quite sufficient and high in some cases.

Fortified foods:

Fortified foods can be considered as one more source for obtaining calcium, many types of cereals can help you with high amounts of calcium added to your diet and can deliver nearly 1000 mg for one serve before adding milk, if milk is added then more amount will be added to your diet which can help you in all the ways through the day.

Remember that your body do not have the capacity of absorbing all the calcium at once and it will be great if you add some breaks in taking or consuming that type of diet if planned, and also it is best to spread your intakes throughout the day.

Flour and cornmeal can also be fortified with calcium, that is the reason why some breads, tortillas and crackers are containing in high amounts. Grain based foods are really fortified with the calcium.


Amaranth is one type of pseudo cereal which is having higher amounts of nutrients present in it, and is also a good source of folate and contains very high minerals including manganese, magnesium and phosphorus with extra added iron to it.

Consuming of 250 grams of amaranth can give you 28% of the RDI per cooked cup and the leaves of amaranth are having high amounts of vitamins A and C.

Edamame and tofu:

Soybeans when they are at young they are called as edamame often they are sold while still encased in the pod, one cup that is 155 grams of edamame contains 10% of RDI for calcium and is also a good source of protein and have the ability of delivering all your daily folate in a single serving.

Tofu which is being prepared with calcium is containing calcium in exceptional high amounts where you can get 86% of the RDI for calcium in taking just half cup that is 125 grams.

Fortified drinks:

Fortified is non-dairy beverage, when you are one among the persons who don’t like to drink milk in any forms then you can still get calcium from fortified non-dairy beverages.

Fortified soy milk is one rich source of calcium when you take 250 ml of soy milk then you can gain 30% of the RDI for calcium, its 7grams of protein make it the non-dairy milk that is most similar to the cow’s milk.

Other types of milk which are having nuts and seeds-based milks may be fortified with even higher levels of calcium, however fortification is not just for non-dairy milks but also for orange juice can also be fortified providing you with 50% of the RDI per 250 ml.


Dried figs are proven to be rich in antioxidants and fiber, they are having more calcium and other protein content greater than other dried fruits, fact that dried figs provide 5% of the RDI for calcium when taken 28 grams.

Moreover, figs are able to provide decent amounts of vitamin K and potassium.


Milk is told to be the cheapest source for calcium which provides Calcium rich foods  in higher amounts, one cup of cow’s milk that is 250 ml contains 280-352 mg depending on the quality of milk and also whether it is whole milk or nonfat milk.

The calcium in dairy is also absorbed in a fine way, added sources of milk is provided with some vitamins like A, D and also added with some proteins, goats milk is also consumed, which is a good source of Calcium rich foods  on intake of 237ml it gives 327 mg Calcium rich foods . So, try intake of milk daily for calcium rich food.

Anyway, calcium is not going to be obtained by taking food daily as you do regularly but when you go on taking the same food without considering the calcium content your bones are going to be week and can be broken very easily, and the calcium content in your body is going to be decreased and your body does not support you all the ways.

So, have some organic foods and oils from Owlpure like extra virgin coconut oil intake has many benefits and also adds strength and calcium to your bones, so always have a healthy organic and fully loaded protein calcium and vitamin diet.

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