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How to remove tan?

How to remove tan?

How to remove tan: Sun tanning, every individual wants their skin to be fairer and never look like tanned and in dull way, when it comes to the protection of your skin its really hard and that needs efforts to be made for protecting skin from sun damage and sun tan.

In this blog you are going to get knowledge about the sun tan and what are all the safety measures and extra guideline you should follow to protect your skin and also some of the home-made remedies to remove tan completely.

Generally summer season is really harder like its not only about heat and sweat but the actual struggle is to safeguard yourself from the harmful ultra violet rays which are extra active during the summer season.

They are at peak and directly affects the skin in all different ways and are responsible for dull and damaged skin and spoils the texture of your skin, over exposure to sun generally leads to tanning so take care of your clothing in summer.

Sun tanning:

Sun tanning or tanning means the same which involves the process of darkening the skin color and skin looks dry and inactive, the most exposure of your skin to the ultra violet radiation from the sun light or from the artificial sources which can include tanning lamp found in indoor tanning beds are the main reasons for skin to be tanned.

Sun bathing is one of the passive recreational activity where your skin gets exposure to the extreme sun, moderate exposure can lead in the production of melanin content and vitamin D to the body which is really helpful to your skin but when exposed for heavy sun, tanning will be the outcome.

Process of tanning:

Melanin is generally a natural pigment that is produced by the cells which are called to be melanocytes and the process is known to be melanogenesis.

Melanocytes produces two types of melanin which are pheomelanin and eumelanin, melanin protects the body by absorbing ultra violet radiation when excessive ultra violet radiation occurs then skin gets effected by ultra violet rays and gets affected by skins indirect DNA damage and skin gets affected and becomes darker.

There are two different mechanisms involved in production of tan by the UV exposure.

  • First one is considered to be UVA which is Ultra Violet A radiation which can create oxidative stress and turns skin to get oxidized with the existing melanin and can lead to deep darkening of the melanin.
  • UVA also have the property to distribute melanin but its quality will be unchanged and ultimately results in skin darkening and UVA exposure does not significantly lead to increased production of melanin or protection against sun burn.
  • The second process involved is UVB which is ultra violet B radiation here in this case there is an increase in the production of melanin which can act on body’s reaction to the direct DNA from the UV radiation.
  • UVB is having triggers in the formation of CPD-DNA damage which in return increases the production of melanin production in skin, and is more likely to cause a sun burn than UVA only because of the over exposure, the mechanism is completely identical and causes direct damage to DNA.

Tanning behavior of different skin colors:

A person’s natural color will be changes only in such case when their skin gets exposure to the extreme sun then only the melanin formation gets increased and skin gets tanned and turn to darker color sometimes an individual’s skin color changes from a dark brown color to nearly colorless pigmentation which can appear white.

Here are some of the common tanning behaviors of various skin

Type 1 which is called as very light or pale often burns due to skin and occasionally suffers tanning behavior,

Type 2 which is called as light or light-skinned burns to skin usually and sometimes gets affected by tanning behavior,.

Type 3 which is called as light intermediate and rarely gets affected to sun burn but tanning behavior can be seen usually.

Type 4 which is called as dark intermediate and can rarely gets affected to sun burning and can be seen often tanning behavior,

Type 5 dark or brown type where we cannot see any sunburn and sometimes darkens due to tanning,

the last type is type 6 which is very dark or black type and does not get affected to sun burn and tanning cannot be identified due to the skin type because of naturally black brown skin.

Health aspects:

The most common risk of getting exposed to skin can be sun burn and the speed and severity depends on the individual and this can be alleviated at least to some extent by application of suitable strong sunscreens, which can also hinder the tanning process due to the complete blocking of the ultra violet rays.

Over exposure to ultra violet radiation in some cases leads to skin cancer which can gets affected in formation of wrinkles and aging very faster, mutate DNA, and also to impair the immune systems.

Generally, production of vitamin D is essential for health and moderate exposure to skin can fulfill this condition and skin needs vitamin D to get a natural glow as well as other possible benefits that are obtained from Vitamin D.

Sunless tanning:

When the season is not summer and if there is no strong sunshine some people go for following some alternative steps to appear with darkened skin, they also start using sunless tanning or goes for using self-tanners.

There are also chances that usage of some tan-colored stockings and pantyhose can also make skin look tanned, there also many sunless tanning products available in the form of gels, darkening creams, lotions, and sprays that self-applied on skin.

There are also some sprays that can result in tanning, spray tanning which does not involve spraying on the body but instead it uses a colorless chemical which adds proteins on the top layer of your skin which can result in a brown color.

Avoid sun tanning:

Always with soft moisturized skin having fairer look is a dream for many people but this does not happen in all the cases where we get exposed to sun very frequently and even though we protect our skin by wearing scarfs or other costumes that does not help anymore.

Follow the proper guidelines:

Sunscreen lotions/creams:

You may already know that it is very important to use sun screen lotions before you step outside of your safety or when your skin gets exposed to sun, these days there are different varieties of sun screens available in very different ways and in different forms such as lotions, creams and also in combination of organic, inorganic, natural and chemical based.

So, choose your sunscreen of your skin type such that your skin should have a protection layer before you enter into the sunlight, even when you are at home there is no issues of applying sun screen to your body.

The organic ones work the best because the ingredients that are used will be having the natural powers to form a strong protective layer for your skin.

Vitamin C serum:

Vitamin C serum is considered to be another savior from suns ultra violet rays and this serum is suggested for the people who just gets tanned very easily and this have the benefits of preventing pigmentation and dark patches as the vitamin C serum contains L-ascorbic acid which is an antioxidant, which can be applied prior to the application of a sunscreen.

Oral sunscreen medication:

Oral medications are also preferred by people to get rid of tanning and it is considered as an alternative method to remove tanning, these medications contain polypodium leucotomies that boost the protein and protects against the sun.

Oral medications are also filled with other antioxidants that reduces the damage from oxidation. Try any of these above-mentioned sunscreens and lotions for yourself, if you are already been a victim suffering from tanning then no need to get disappointed.

There are various types of de-tanning procedures available in the market which can help you to get rid of the tan.

Hydra gel peel:

This is one of the procedures to remove tan  tanning which involves clearing of the top layer of the skin while it has to be injected into your skin with the combination of oxygen for the purpose of revitalizing the cells.

The end result will be leaving your skin a brighter, healthier and younger looking appearance, the peels are formulated by using antioxidants, moisturizing agents and also the natural ingredients to completely get rid of dull and lifeless skin.


This procedure involves spraying of the tiny exfoliating crystals on to the skin, which is generally abrasive instrument that is used to gently sand on skin and gets rid of the uneven layer by this way the dead skin and the tan will be removed completely.

Chemical peels:

This includes glycerol acid peels and also lactic acid peels which involves a procedure for solution that leads to peeling of the outer layer is applied to the skin, which can help in effectively removing the damaged layer on the skin and gets the brighter and healthier skin revealed.

Laser treatment:

Another well known treatment for sun tan is through laser, the type of laser used is depends on how severe the tan is present on your skin and also the recovery period in laser procedure is longer when compared to all the de-tanning methods.


Most common treatment known is bleaching and is also known to be cost-effective methods in removing tan, this process helps in removal of brightened dark spots and can give you even skin tone.

The process involves application of bleach and removing it after a few minutes of application, they are also categorized to be bleach for hands, legs, face, back and also for full body available at almost all the saloons.

Now start your summer without the fear of tanning and follow the above-mentioned procedures if wanted to go through these methods, if not then below some of the home remedies are mentioned follow them.

Even if you are interested in going for the natural ways of removing tan then also our blog will help you here are some of the home remedies for the purpose of removing tan with very less cost and also with all the ingredients that are available naturally.


Tomato do I need to eat or put in some recipes you will be having this type of doubts now you don’t need to have all those doubts this is for removal of tan only.

Tomato works extremely for the purpose of tanning it does not only remove tan  the tan but also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, tomato is having the properties of bringing back the glow to the skin.

Tomato will act as a natural sunscreen and also prevents sunburn, repairs the damaged skin and helps in reducing the ageing process, it has been used as the oldest remedy for treating skin problems.

Tomatoes are easily available in the market and the best way to use tomato is to take out the pulp and apply it on your face like a mask, you can also use the skin of tomato and apply it to your skin and then wipe it of or go for a organic face wash using an Owlpure organic face wash which is having organic ingredients and also helps in all the ways to protect your skin.


It is one of the important and active remove tan which can also effectively get rid of dead skin cells, yogurt or curd anything can work better for effective and natural skin.

Curd mixed with wheat flour and can be applied to your skin on face, hands, and legs and after drying you can completely rinse it off to have a brightened and tan free skin.

When used curd or yogurt regularly for skin this can work miracles and can act as active remover of tan and dead skin cells, on regular usage you will get completely clear, soft and supple skin.


The common and mostly used citrus fruit is lemon which is having higher amounts of vitamin C and can act as a great tan removal agent.

You can just simply slice a lemon and rub it on to your skin and then rinse it off your skin will have a brighter and tan free look.

The citric acid present in lemon will help not only in removal of tan but also helps in removing of acne and lightening marks on the skin, if you feel like having a severe tan ten go with the combination of applying both lemon and curd to completely get rid of tan.


Turmeric is generally known for many of the skin and health problems to be getting solved, so for tanning of skin turmeric is going to work wonders and turmeric is an integral part in Indian cuisine which is having more than 300+ antioxidants that are beneficial for your health.

Turmeric also can fight against acne, skin tanning, pigmentation and also for many skin problems, you can simply mix turmeric in water and gently apply it to your skin and then rinse it off on regular usage of this mixture you can see healthier and brighter skin and can have a turmeric glow to your skin.

Aloe Vera:

Which is a plant available in most of the gardens and in neighbor hoods but also in types of gels and as a mixture of many body lotions and creams is also available and can be used easily.

Aloe Vera can be considered as one stop remedy for almost all the skin problems and hair issues, it also works as a great cooling agent.

How to use? You can take the gel from the plan directly and can apply it to the skin to get rid of tanning and sun burn, it can not only remove the tan but also works effectively for acne and can help skin look smoother and always keeps moisturized on regular application.

Gram flour:

Gram flour is very helpful in treating tan and it is having the capacity to heal the skin in a proper way leaving the skin with extra brightness and glow.

Gram flour can be used in removing the dead skin cells and also application is very easy like mixing it with water and apply to your skin as a paste on the skin.

Gram flour instead of using it water you can add some rose gel or rose water to the mixture and then use it for more effective results.

Here are some other ways to protect yourself from the sun damage and tips on remove ran :

As suggested above wear the sunscreen always even if you are not exposed to the sun and that might be any season but don’t forget to have sun screen with you.

Select a proper sunscreen that will suit you perfectly to your skin type and check if it is having a SPF factor of 30 and above and check the broad spectrum on the label before purchasing.

Try to apply the sunscreen before 15 minutes when going into the sun and also before and after sweating and swimming try to apply one more time.

Reapply sunscreen after 3-4 hours and that can really help your skin to form a protective barrier and can protect from the extreme sun rays easily without any efforts.

Wear sun glasses which are having the total ultra violet protection.

Try to avoid being in sun as possible from 10 am to 2pm because the sun rays are too affective on to your skin during this time.

Check your skin regularly so that you will get to know what are all the things to be applied and what not to apply for your skin to protect from the sun damage.

Prefer to choose mostly the cosmetics and contact lens which can offer you with the ultra violet protection.

If you are a parent then protect your children skin and make them lean the habits that can protect them and their skin to stay healthier.

Try to avoid tanning beds.

This is all about sun tanning the above-mentioned information will surely helpful in all the cases of tanning and can work miracles for your skin on usage.

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